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The sale of ready-made companies is a comprehensive service for companies and individuals who need to quickly set up a business and are looking for the support of an experienced company that provides professional help and ensures quick results.



Ready-made companies that we offer are clean, have no economic history, meet all requirements in accordance with applicable law and are ready to start business.


We have a wide selection of various companies tailored to individual needs, both in terms of prices and requirements, including: Spółka z o.o. Private Limited company. A limited partnership • A limited partnership • A joint-stock company • A company with licenses and concessions. We offer sales of ready-made companies along with a full range of complementary services that ensure that the start-up process is fast and reliable.

We help in opening a bank account for the company, maintaining the company's accounting books on an ongoing basis.


We provide assistance in the scope of renting a virtual office and lending the prestigious address of the company's headquarters

The best experienced professionals and accountants specializing in servicing companies are available to our clients.

Selection of one of ready-made companies tailored to individual requirements and budget.

Completing the necessary documentation - share purchase agreement and resolution to change the company's management board.

Notarial contract signing (on site or remotely).

Commencement activity.



100% secure purchase of a clean company with no economic history • Companies ready to operate in just one day of receiving all necessary documents to transfer shares • Notarial confirmation of the company's lack of trade obligations • Providing a prestigious company registration address on very attractive terms • KRS, REGON and NIP numbers of the company •


Ensuring full necessary documentation • Change in the composition of the management board, company name, change of company headquarters, modification of PKD • Establishment of the company's bank account • Company headquarters in Warsaw • Professional and reliable legal and accounting advice.

We also trade in companies with a "past".


Please contact us to check the availability of companies tailored to your requirements and budget

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